Corporate Restructuring & Synergie Building

We are a professional partner for companies when it comes to helping companies in crisis, interim management, corporate restructuring, restructuring and optimization of companies. This involves advice or the direct implementation of necessary measures in all conceivable phases in which the company finds itself. Starting with expanding success, optimizing finances, processes and structures, reorganizing and rescuing and restructuring ailing companies.

We understand corporate restructuring in the sense of successfully securing one’s existence. It is often a traditional family business that may have existed for generations. We actively restructure and restructure by developing direct solutions and implementing them at the most diverse “cornerstones” of corporate restructuring. We investigate the causes of the financial difficulties and reposition your company. We create value!

From our own experiences as people, entrepreneurs and managers in the change process, we know what it means to develop shared communication and to take on leadership and responsibility. Pooling expertise. To develop yourself and people professionally. to strengthen strengths. To achieve success together. To dissolve resistance and feel the forces of change.

I’m looking forward to a first personal exchange!”

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