“I have been an entrepreneur with heart and blood for 25 years. Experienced in corporate management, business development, reorganization & restructuring, M&A and real estate transactions and project management, in growth and success. Many years of success in sales management, in the B2B business of products/services that require a lot of explanation or in the support of target companies + objects and project clients. Experienced in structuring, contract drafting and negotiation. I am very familiar with the peculiarities of medium-sized corporate cultures.

I think and act entrepreneurially. I see analytical thinking as a duty. Thinking outside the box is a must. Common sense is essential. Confidentiality and integrity is my work ethic. Efficient and solution-oriented. On this basis, I live my unconditional demand for quality and sensitivity towards my clients and my understanding of the economic background of the mandate.
I would be pleased to be able to demonstrate what I have described with you in a joint corporate transaction process or to secure your existence.

I’m looking forward to a first personal exchange!”

Best wishes,


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