Adrenaline in its purest form.
A professional company analysis is necessary before a successful company sale.

For both the current company owner and the buyer, the company analysis and documentation provide information about the status quo of the company, that means

1) About the company:
Company focus, current status, location, finances, personnel + potential and how long active on the market. USP (Unique Selling Point) and character of the company, customer base, legal/legal aspects, innovative character/technology, Suppliers/Networks

2) Why invest:
Market environment + strength of market position / market share + competitive pressure / competitive status in the company environment

3) Experienced Team:
Which qualified and experienced employees are behind the success of the company.

5) Growth Potential:
Does the company have growth potential in a national and/or international market. Individual opportunities and risks for, for example, loss or gain of market share,

For a prospective business seller, evaluating and analyzing the company is often very emotional. A nostalgic look at the companys life’s work, which financially rewards every facet of what has been achieved with respectful dignity.
In contrast, potential investors and buyers take a closer look in opposite ways. You want a detailed and, in the broadest sense, unsparing picture of the company and its condition. This information is of essential importance for buyers and investors, even if it means they question the company, its owner and operational structures. These two perspectives/worlds must be connected.

With experienced and professional expertise, we support you in a planned transaction – from the company analysis to the creation of technically correct and added value sales documentation. The aim is to provide a reliable picture of the company’s current economic and operational situation. We use this to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company. We record, analyze and document.

We bring your company value to light!

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